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Photos for sale

You can look for photos which are for sale at the Popurrí / Miscellanea” photo gallery. Most images are downloadable and you can directly order prints of some.


Pricing and terms of use

Prices for downloads and prints are very accessible. I think this is fair as I am just granting the buyer a non-exclusive license and I retain the right to keep using, copying, selling, licensing, and distributing my work. If you would like to be the solely buyer of a print or would prefer to have the exclusive right to use a download, send me an e-mail and if the photo has not yet been sold to anyone and you agree on the price and selling terms, I will make it available for you to purchase and cease exhibiting it for sale.

The photos that can be directly purchased are shown and made available at the “Popurrí / Miscellanea” photo gallery but if you have seen a photo on my site which you are interested in but is not indicated as for sale, feel free to contact me anyway and I'll see if I can make it available for you to purchase. Not everything on my site is available (commissioned work and photos including people that could be recognized and did not allowed for their image to be sold, are not), but some is or could be.

When buying a downloadable image file you will be granted the right for its unlimited online use, one-time printed commercial use and royalty-free for its personal use (a full license text will be shown when attempting to buy).


The quality of the photos

The photos are at their full original resolution and have not been resampled. The pixels resolution of each photo is stated at the products list window that will open if you left click your mouse on “buy” > “select product” (look for it where the "full size original downloadable file" can be selected).

The maximum size for printing has been limited taking into account the original pixels resolution of each photo as to match a printing resolution of not less than 250 dpi, for good quality. If you would like a slightly bigger print than the maximum size stated for any of the few photos I am offering for direct printing, contact me and I will see if I can make it available for you to purchase as there will be margin for that if the image can be resampled without quality loss, as no rezising has been previously done.

Printing is done by renowned professional labs. Watermarks will not show on prints or in downloaded image files.

Images have no overexposed highlights lacking information; they do not show dead pixels nor will you find on them any perceivable technical flaws. Before deciding to buy, double click on the photo and check it wide open on your monitor screen. If you have any doubt and prefer, before buying, to check a photo at its 1:1 size, you may contact me and I will make available for you to download a permanent and heavily watermarked copy of the image file.


Buying prints or downloadable image files

Ordering is quite simple. Begin by selecting the product you want form the list and add it to the cart. If you are buying a print, you are given the opportunity to preview and configure it. Then check out and pay using your Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover credit card. You will receive an e-mail receipt with a link to allow you to track your order status.