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Architectural Photography


You may contact me if you would like to hire my services to have me photograph any particular building, monument or urban space in Buenos Aires or in Colonia del Sacramento or Punta del Este in Uruguay. My fee will depend on the complexity of the job and we can discuss it exchanging e-mails. I may be asking you for a small advance payment as proof of the seriousness of your commitment. This and the final payment once the job is finished and if you are satisfied with it, can be done using your Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover credit card in the same manner as if you were buying downloadable files from this web site (check at "photos for sale"), but paying the agreed fee. You will be able to download the photos (jpg or tiff files depending on your preferences) from the private gallery that I will create specially for your and where they will be hosted and which you will be able to access with a password.

Commissioned works will not be exhibited to the general public by me in this nor in any other website unless authorized by you (the client) and by no means will the images be sold or handed over by me to third parties.

Buying the photos will allow you and just you to order prints from them, use them for publications or in a web-site, but not to sell the photo files to anyone else. If the photos are to be shown in a book or magazine I would appreciate recognition of my work.

If you have seen a photo on my site of a subject I have already photographed in which you are interested in but the image is not indicated as for sale, feel free to contact me anyway and I'll see if I can make it available for you to purchase. Not everything on my site is available (commissioned work and photos including people that could be recognized and did not allowed for their image to be sold, are not), but much is or could be.